Bars of Gold progress!

I pushed myself over spring break to sew together all of the strips of fabric. I now have 19 pieces of 5 fabrics each. The next step is to do some quilting math to figure out how to cut the pieces to make a quilt width that’s appropriate for a child. I suspect that I’ll have to add in a few extra pieces because I have an odd number of fabrics. I have some extra strips that somehow didn’t get used so I think I’ll be ok. It is interesting to see how much the making of a quilt is driven by luck, chance or happenstance than it is by planning and strict adherence to a pattern. Or at least in my case it is! Maybe as I get more experienced the progression of a quilt will be more logical? I kind of hope it doesn’t – I quite like the serendipity of sewing but not knowing exactly how the project is going to turn out :-)


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