quilting in the sweatshop

I’ve started quilting the miniature Bars of Gold quilt. Unlike last year when I used embroidery thread to quilt my Project Linus quilt, I am machine quilting this year. In a way it’s a lot easier and I feel confident that the quilt isn’t going to fall apart when it’s done. On the other hand, it’s slow going and the project is rife with opportunities to make mistakes, bunch up the fabric and lose stitches. I like the look of machine quilted quilts and I’m hoping the pattern I’m sewing I choose will flatter the pattern of the quilt.
I am cursing myself again for quilting during a heatwave. I feel a little like I’m working in a sweatshop. When I made my quilt last summer there were times I literally had sweat running down my body. Hopefully I can finish this miniature quilt soon and get started on quilting the larger quilt before the heat really gets intense!


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