Colette Sorbetto tank top, take 2

I loved the first Collette Sorbetto tank top I made, so I whipped up another.  No joke when I say “whipped” – you can put the whole thing together in about an hour. 

Colette Sorbetto

I used a stiffer cotton fabric this time which made the armholes a little too high/tight for my liking.  The trouble with being tall is that sometimes the size that fits in the width isn’t always the size that fits in the length.  The next one I make – and yes, there will be a “next one”! – I’ll mess around a bit with the armholes to make them a bit more comfortable.  You can also see from the picture above that the bottom of the top swings out a bit more widely than it should.  My first version was a cheapo polyester which drapes nicely so the hip flair isn’t as noticeable.  I’ll fix this too in version 3.0. 

I wasn’t sure if I liked the fabric when I bought it but now that the top is done, I like how light and summer-y it is.  The fabric was $2.99/yard and I used over a yard.  The bias tape was less than $2 and I buy four spools of thread for a $1 at a time.  No matter what I think of the fabric, you can’t beat an easy new (handmade!) summer top for $5!!

 I harbored a secret desire to be a model as a child please excuse my “I’m too sexy for this shirt” pose!

Colette Sorbetto

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