half-square triangle star quilt – voila!

I feel like I should title this post “Stop me before I quilt again!” :-)  I finished my half-square triangle star quilt this morning.  I am extraordinarily proud of how this one came out and cannot wait to give it to Project Linus next month.  Though this quilt had a lot of cutting and even more trimming, it actually came together really quickly.  The stars are all made from scraps I had in my stash and the back is some yardage that I bought for a skirt but ended up not really liking all that much for clothing.  I went out on a limb and used a black binding.  I hope it’s not too weird?  I couldn’t think of another color that would have tied the whole thing together and nothing that I had in my stash seemed to work.  I think the black binding works better with the back than it does the front, but really, the effect is growing on me.

half-star triangle quilt
half-star triangle quilt
half-star triangle quilt
half-star triangle quilt
half-star triangle quilt

This quilt, like the others, isn’t perfect, but I feel like I’m on a real learning trajectory.  Every time I cut into some fabric, sit at my machine or start quilting the pieces together, everything that I’ve learned falls a little bit more into place and I crack the code of all that I still need to learn.  I’m going to take a bit of a quilt hiatus to work on some other things.  I’ve got two “in progress” quilts so I’m sure the break won’t last long, but it will be nice to make some progress on some knitting projects and get started on a couple of garments.  xo


3 thoughts on “half-square triangle star quilt – voila!

  1. Hello Natasha, Mari Ryan here (I'm your parent's next door neighbor). I just saw your Mom and was telling her about a baby blanket I'm knitting. She mentioned your quilting. Your quilts are extraordinary. You clearly have a talent for this. Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Hi Mari! Thanks so much for your kind words :-) I am really enjoying using the creative side of my brain. I hope my mom showed you her quilts? I owe any talent I have to her.

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