Colette Peony dress

Back in December, I made my first attempt at Colette Pattern’s Peony dress.  It’s a cute pattern and I thought it was a good “beginner dress” to make.


In general, it came out ok.  I like the pattern and it’s a really great work dress.  However . . . notice anything weird about the bust??


I don’t think there’s supposed to be this much extra fabric in the top!  Colette Patterns tend to be made for women with more voluptuous figures than mine (and those who have much shorter torsos than me).  I have curves but they’re compact and subtle curves, not va-va-voom curves.  I am still struggling with believing the measurements I take are actually my measurements so I add in a tiny bit of extra room in my seam allowances.  Add these together and you get what I’ve been calling “wonky chest”:


Last month I worked on Peony Version 2.0.  After cutting out what I thought was the correct size pattern, my mom helped me positions all of the darts and I ended up with a dress that fits a LOT better!  I also made the skirt a little smaller and shorter and took in the waist.


There’s still some extra room, but there’s no “wonky chest” that needs covering up.  I’d like to make this dress again, with continued adjustments to the size of the dress.  Now that the bust fits better, I can see that the sleeves are too big . . . and so it goes . . .  The craziest thing about Version 2.0 is that when I wore it to work, two of my co-workers complimented me on my dress!  And my co-workers have never complimented me on any thing I’ve worn before :-)


Next up: a quilt for a friend’s baby, a bag, and a couple of dresses.  And hopefully some warmer weather!!  :-)


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