half-square triangle chevron quilt

Happy June!

Last month I made a half-square triangle chevron quilt for a friend of a friend.  The recipients are University of Illinois alums and so my friend wanted something in the University colors, which are bright orange and bright blue.  Eep.  I was really really nervous about this color scheme but once I got over it, I was glad that the quilt wasn’t for a University of Iowa alum (my alma mater – go Hawkeyes!) since those colors are black and yellow.


The back is a subtle pattern of little orange birds.  I used a blue and white polka dot for the binding to pull the colors all together.


This was a fun quilt to work on, even though half-square triangles need lots and lots of trimming.  I couldn’t think of any other pattern that would have allowed the colors to work together so nicely.  I love how bright and cheery the quilt is.  Go Illini!


3 thoughts on “half-square triangle chevron quilt

  1. I gave it to her a few days ago, and she looooved it! She had apparently actually found and registered for a quilt that was similar (I hadn't seen it), but she liked the one you made much more. So she's going to take the other one off her registry and use your quilt in the nursery instead! Thanks again, friend – you did a fantastic job!

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