string quilt

I bought two cheap-o jelly rolls over the summer thinking they’d be fun to play with. The thing about jelly rolls is that you can’t always see all of the fabric they include. Usually you just see the outer fabric wrap and maybe less than a half inch of some of the other fabrics. Boy was I surprised to open up the first jelly role and find this color scheme! An ugly leopard print AND a bright blue – oh boy!  I could not think of a way to use all the fabrics together in a way that I liked and they certainly don’t go with any fabric that I have.  I found a pattern for a string quilt in a book that I have and I actually think it works with the fabric.  Ok, sort of works :-) 

string quilt

The pattern is pretty easy – you set sets of the strips together and then cut them on an angle.  The pattern called for a specific tool that I don’t have so I had to dust off some really rusty geometry skills to get the angles right.  Then you sews the blocks together.

string quilt

I used a scrappy black border and cream color backing because, what else could I have possibly used??

string quilt

It’s definitely not my most favorite quilt that I’ve ever made but in a way, I think it works.  And I am super happy about how near all my corner joins are! 

This is Project Linus quilt #3. 


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