Economy block quilt

Every once in a while, my instagram feed explodes with millions of pictures of the same quilt.  Some quilter will latch on to a pattern and start making an amazing version and then suddenly everyone else is on the bandwagon.  I usually sit on the sidelines and admire the pretty pictures but have never participated.  That is, until the #economyblockalong came around.

economy block quilt


It’s a pretty easy pattern – a block within a block within a block – and I saw people making them in two sizes, one that had 5″ squares and one that had 12″ squares.  I went with the 12″ squares to use up some of my leftover fabrics.

If you’re a little tired of seeing the same fabrics being used over and over in all my quilts, join the club!  I cannot wait to see the last of some of these scraps go.  The good news is after this quilt, my scrap pile is rapidly dwindling :-)

I’m slightly torn over whether I think this quilt is super ugly or kind of bright and funky.  Like all my quilts, they sort of grow on me as I work on them and by the time I’ve finished, I’m usually madly in love with the quilt and want to cry with sadness at the thought of giving them away.  But then I get a grip and put them in the pile of completed Project Linus quilts.


economy block quilt economy block quilt

I used the last of the chickens for the back.  I love these chickens!

economy block quilt

This is Project Linus quilt #4.

I other news, I made an impulse fabric purchase in February!  I never do this.  Other than fat quarters, I mostly buy fabrics with specific projects in mind.  But I was at an event at Gather Here with my quilt guild and another member was carrying around a bolt of the most lovely chambray.  She was going to use buy some yardage for a quilt back.  I politely asked if I could see the bolt for a second and zipped right over to the register and bought a couple of yards.  It’s been a long winter and a long time since I’ve attempted sewing clothes so my plan is to make another Laurel dress to get back in the groove.  I’ve already cut out the fabric; I just need to sew it together and let the weather get a little warmer!

chambray fabric

chambray fabric


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