9-patch quilt

I dug into another cheap-o jelly roll a couple of weeks ago and was super relieved that it wasn’t as ugly as the first one I used! Admittedly, green and brown aren’t my favorite colors, but I think they work well with the pink. The 9-patch quilt pattern was super easy – sew long strips, cut them up, and then sew them back together. I added the white sashing and I think that helps the colors blend a little better. In fact, as soon as I added the white sashing, I fell madly in love with this quilt! I always seem to do that, even with the super ugly ones :-)

9-patch quilt

9-patch quilt

My only “complaint” about this jelly roll and quilt is that a normal size jelly roll has a lot of fabric so I have enough for a second quilt.  I cut all the blocks the same way, so I’ll make a separate version of this same quilt on point (on the diagonal).  I just need to prepare the sashing, figure out a backing, and throw it all together.

9-patch quilt

For the back, I used a remnant from IKEA that was exactly the size I needed!  It’s a fun pattern and I think it will be fun for kids. I especially like the elephant, the ballerina, and the bicycle.

9-patch quilt

I used some leftover binding scraps for the binding.  I’m happy to report that this is nearly the end of these blue and green bindings – I think I have just a little of the green left.

9-patch quilt

This is Project Linus quilt #5.


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