triangle quilt

You know how every doodle-er has something that they always, always, doodle?  Well, my constant doodle is triangles.  If there’s a pen and a piece of paper before me, changes are I’ve doodled a triangle or three on it.  I’ve done this forever so it was only a matter of time before I made a triangle quilt.  I’ve wanted to make one for a while and was looking over my fat quarter collection and realized a pink and black quilt could be kind of fun and a pink and black triangle quilt could be really fun.  For some reason, I thought making an equilateral triangle quilt would be really challenging.  It wasn’t.  Once I figure out the angle on my cutting board and did the math (there are 352 triangles in this quilt!  16 rows of 22 triangles), it was just a matter of cutting, cutting, and more cutting – I think I actually wore a groove on my cutting mat.  If I had to do it all over again, I think I would make larger triangles – at least 5″.  At 4″ with a seam allowance, these triangles are pretty tiny and the quilt is smaller than I thought it be.

triangle quilt

I did manage to use up a few scraps, but for the most part, I used entire fat quarters.  Sadly, this means there aren’t any leftover scraps of these great pink fabrics.

There is nothing special about the back – I cut a yard of the purple in half and threw what I had left of the pink dot in the middle.  The binding is almost the last of some black scraps from a dress, except for a little corner of green.


I’m going to enjoy looking at the happy quilt before I turn it in!  This is Project Linus quilt #6.


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