9-patch quilt en pointe

Does this quilt look familiar? The jelly roll I used to make the first one made so many blocks that I had to choose – make one ginormous quilt or make two normal sized quilts.  To change things up a bit, I sewed them en pointe, or diagonally.  As you can see, I ran out of fabric so I cheated a little and added in some pink and black scraps.  I also ran out of the white sashing and had to pull a miracle out of my stash to have enough.  I think it works though after working with this fabric twice, I’m a little less crazy about the green than I was before.  I think the white sashing helps a lot.

9-patch quilt
For the back, I used an IKEA remnant.  Have I mentioned how much I love IKEA fabric?  The prints are great and very funky and the prices are pretty good.  And since IKEA doesn’t use standard US fabric widths, you get a lot more for your yardage.  My bf picked out the back and I think it looks great :-)

I used some random green for the binding.  This is a very green quilt.  Green is my least favorite color but overall, I think it works.



This is Project Linus quilt #7.  Three more to go!


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