Colette Patterns Laurel #3

Despite my obsessive quilt-making for Project Linus, I’ve managed to make a few articles of clothing, including my third Laurel dress. My first two attempts (seen here and here) had to be taken in after I cut out the pattern.  For this one, I wisely adjusted the pattern before I cut it out.  Genius, right?  I’m really happy with they way it came out!



The fabric is a grey-ish chambray and is super super comfortable to wear.  It was an impulse buy and as I was making the dress, I kept thinking it might be a little “prison issue”.  The trick will be to accessorize properly! 

I messed up the zipper a little – I just sewed it close, without thinking about centering the zipper over the over the seam.  Duh.  One of these days, I’ll stop making new mistakes!  On this dress, I stay-stitched the neckline, something I’ve never done before.  The fabric is so loose, that if I hadn’t, the neckline would have stretched out before I added the bias finish.  Instead, it lies perfectly flat. 

I have my last two Project Linus quilts in the works and this lovely dress.  As long as the weather doesn’t get too humid, I might actually finish all three projects!


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