scrappy string quilt

I’m still working through some scraps.  My mom kindly let me pick through some of hers and after I organized everything I had, I realized I had some very distinct sizes of strips.  I think this is my first true improv quilt, if I define “improv” as no precise cutting or sewing.  While I had strips that were approximately the same length, they weren’t at all even nor were they the same height.  I interspersed the scrap strips with 2″ strips of the white.  I then trimmed them so they were even width’ed blocks and them cut them into smaller strips.  I reversed some of them when I sewed them together.

scrappy string quilt

scrappy string quilt

I used a hot pink polkadot for the back.  It’s polyester – is that bad?  I bought it thinking I’d make it into a dress but between my growing frustrations over sewing clothing and the see-through nature of the fabric, I thought it would make a better backing.  For the quilting, I just did a bunch of intersecting straight lines.


scrappy string quilt

scrappy string quilt

I like working with scraps because I like revisiting my earlier projects (and my mom’s projects!) and remembering what I learned when I made my first quilt, my first skirt, napkins for my parents, etc., and it makes me happy to see them all together in one quilt.


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