Minecraft quilt

My bf’s son is turning 10 tomorrow.  For his birthday, my bf asked “Hey, can you make a Minecraft quilt?”  I said “Sure! . . . What’s a Minecraft quilt??”  Evidently, Minecraft is a really really popular game among middle schoolers and it has something to do with creating an alternate universe.  I think?  And it’s pixellated.  And it has pixellated characters, one of which is a sword.  Am I showing my age if I say I’m not really sure I understand Minecraft?  Anyway, S loves Minecraft so P and I did some desperate research online to find that a very generous sewer not only made a Minecraft quilt, but put the pattern online.  Thank you Weeknight Quilting – you are a lifesaver!

I followed the pattern pretty closely, though we picked darker fabric colors so S wouldn’t find it too “girly.”  I also mis-calculated the amount of fabric I’d need for the sword so I ended up using a couple of different colors of blue for the sword.  I like the effect a lot.

I wonder sometimes how other quilters get their quilts so flat and pucker free.  The method that I’ve been having moderate success with is to use painter’s tape to tape the quilt back to my kitchen floor.  Then I carefully smooth the batting on top of the back – and keep smoothing until all lumps and wrinkles are gone.  I carefully place the top on these two layers and again, keep smoothing until all lumps and wrinkles are gone.  I use straight pins – not safety pins – and pin the s**t out of the quilt.  That’s my method, anyway.  It works.  I like this picture because other than one area in the center, I’m psyched at how even my rows look!

Minecraft quilt

I’m still getting to know my walking foot.  I love love love it!  There are a couple of puckers but not nearly as many as I had pre-walking foot.  I still only dare to do straight/diagonal lines but maybe I’ll do something more bold on my next quilt.

Minecraft quilt

The back is almost all of the left over pieces from the yardage I got for the front.  The grey panel might look familiar – it’s the chambray that I made a dress out of last summer.  To be honest, I don’t have much in my fabric stash that goes with brown, tan and aqua!  (Ok, let’s be honest here, I don’t have much in my fabric stash, period!)

Minecraft quilt

I kind of love how it came out and would love to make another pixellated quilt.  The best part of this whole project is that S loves his new birthday quilt! :-)

Minecraft quilt

Minecraft quilt

I really aced my fabric purchasing for this quilt – these scraps are all I have left!
Minecraft quilt


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