Pandora’s Box quilt

Welcome to another addition of what I like to call “The Ugly Quilt Chronicles”!  I got a jelly roll from Marden’s for Christmas that seemed ok from the outside.  The tricky thing about jelly rolls is you are sometimes tricked into thinking you’ve got an awesome selection of fabric based on what you can see from the outside of the roll.  Then you unfurl all the fabric to discover fabric patterns that rival TV test screen patterns for ugliness or fabric colors not found in nature.  My Christmas jelly roll had black, white, neon turquoise, neon yellow and a few random washed out greys.  It could have been worse, I suppose, but I had a devil of a time picking a pattern that would work with the colors.

I found a pattern for a Pandora’s Box in Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott and began cutting up the strips, hoping it would work out.  I bought the book at a Border’s going out of business sale and have used a number of patterns from this book and have been pleased with the results each time.  While I never fell in love with this quilt, I think it works and I managed to muster some affection for it’s gaudiness.

Pandora's Box quilt

Pandora's Box quilt

As you can see, some of the blocks are “less ugly” than others.  I need to either work on my cutting skills or my pressing skills.  Seriously, sometimes I feel like I need a class on how to use my iron!

Pandora's Box quilt

Pandora's Box quilt

I took apart a dress I made a few years ago to make the back and used up the scraps from the front block to make the stripes.  It was my first attempt at a dress and was incredibly unflattering so I wore it once and banished it to my closet.  The fabric is basic so it made for a fine backing but I should have done a better job squaring up the fabric pieces before sewing them together because I ended up with a couple of puckers :-(

Pandora's Box quilt

It’s all ready to be given to Project Linus!  I have three for Project Linus thus far this year.  I’d like to get to five but I have a few more urgent quilt projects on the to do list so I’m not sure I’ll get there.  Hopefully . . .

Pandora's Box quilt


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