quilting guilt

Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not working on a super complex, thousand piece quilt, with the latest and greatest fabrics. Or maybe it’s not all guilt, but envy too. The truth is, that I can’t run out and buy fabric whenever I want to; I kind of have to work with what I have and use what I have, which tends to be leftovers from previous projects. This means that I plan my quilts around what I have and what’s possible with the materials available to me without buying yardage because I need it or just because I like it. As a result, my “want to make” list is a lot longer than is currently feasible (seriously – lately I’ve been obsessed (obsessed!) with making a lonestar quilt!) with what I have and that means that I end up making something simple because fabric limits are well, pretty limiting.

On the other hand, sometimes making something quick and easy is just what I need – something that I can work on while letting my mind process everything else that’s stressing me out.  Like this quilt:
fat quarter quilt

I’m almost embarrassed at how easy this quilt was to make – I just used scraps and fat quarters.  The larger squares are 8″ and the smaller triangles started out as 4″ squares.  Green is my least favorite color but oddly, I had a bunch of green fat quarters that I’m not sure I would have ever found the desire to cut into them, had I not had the blue scraps to match with.  I kind of love how it turned out.

fat quarter quilt

The binding is mega-scrappy.  Seriously, there must be close to 30 separate pieces in that binding!  They all match the fabric on the front of the quilt.  I did the double-fold method of binding and I’m much happier with how it came out this time.  It’s such a neat and tidy finish.

fat quarter quilt

I had nearly a solid piece of yardage for the back that I’ve had for a long time, but it wasn’t quite enough.  So I cut it up and added the veggies in the corner.

fat quarter quilt

The black has a really cute button pattern on it!  And the veggies are left over for some napkins I made as a gift for Christmas.

fat quarter quilt

I tried a little “free hand straight line quilting” on this one.  Yikes.  Not my best work.  I need to think more about planning out how I’m going to do the quilting before I feed it through my machine.  I took an intro to longarm quilting class recently and it totally blew my mind!  I’d never even seen a longarm machine before the class and only had a rudimentary understanding of what longarm quilting meant.  I’m hoping to transfer some of those skills to what I can do on my trusty Janome.

fat quarter quilt

This quilt is for Project Linus.  I’ve only made four quilts for Project Linus since last summer.  I can’t believe last year around this time I was finishing up my 10th!


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