t-shirt quilt

t-shirt quilt

Before I started sewing, in a previous life, I did a lot of triathlons and road (running) races.  This was when I lived in Southern California and it literally feels like a lifetime ago.  I’m not even sure I recognize the person who did all of these races.  At every race, I got a t-shirt which I just threw in a huge bin, thinking that I’d do something with them at some point.  When I was looking for a practice quilt for longarm quilting, I decided it was time to finally do something with the t-shirts and made a quilt out of them.

Making a t-shirt quilt was a lot more laborious that I thought it would be.  All of my research told me that the key to success was to make a rough cut out of every shirt, then iron on interfacing and then cut the t-shirts to the correct size block.  I ended up using whatever interfacing I had, and when I bought more, I bought what was available.  As a result, there are a lot of different interfacing weights in this quilt!  I think it would have been easier if I used just one weight, but it worked out.

t-shirt quiltI sashed the t-shirt blocks with random black and white scraps. I’m a little bummed that the sashing of the middle row doesn’t line up with the rest of the rows, but after I sewed it together, I didn’t want to go back and fix it, so I’ll have to live with it.

t-shirt quiltThis was the second quilt that I quilted at the longarm quilter.  I decided to go freehand on this one, to see what it felt like to move the machine and to see how good my imagination and artistic ability were.  I just sort of meandered around the quilt.  I think they call this a loose stiple-ing?  It was surprisingly easy to just meander around the quilt – it tens to be a pattern that  I doodle when I’m distracted.

t-shirt quiltThe back is mostly IKEA fabric, with a few left-over t-shirt squares (Left-over?  ha!  I still have an entire tub of more old race t-shirts!  I just picked the most colorful for this quilt).  The purple is something I get at one of my favorite discount fabric stores :-)  I took apart an ill-fitting skirt that I made a couple of years ago for the bottom most fabric.

http://sewfisticated.com/t-shirt quiltThis quilt is really personal – I love that I’ve found a way to preserve the memories of my old triathlon days.  I find myself staring at the blocks and remembering each race.  With two layers, the batting, the interfacing and all of the thread, this quilt weighs a ton and I look forward to putting it to use in the fall and winter!


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