Lonestar quilt

I’ve been totally obsessed with making a lonestar quilt after I saw one at the show-and-tell portion of my quilt guild last year.  Terri Ann designed the pattern for Moda and after trying to wrap my head around the construction for about six months, I went for it.  Unlike Terri Ann’s pattern which has a beautiful color effect, I wanted to make a scrappy version and I knew that I wanted to make it all blue.  I cut strips from eight fabrics to make my pseudo jelly roll and then combined the strips at random.  In hindsight, I should have used 10-12 fabrics to avoid some fabric repeats.

lonestar quiltI love love love this pattern and this quilt!!  The pattern was super clear and very easy to follow.  I seriously could not be happier with the way it came out!  I want to make a million of these, including a super scrappy one (plans are already in the works!).

lonestar quiltI did some really simple quilting for this one – concentric quarter squares in all of the corners.  Next time, I’ll make them closer together and add more lines.

lonestar quiltThe biggest learning moment in this quilt was realizing that trimming the individual quarters before sewing them together was crucial.  As a result, some of the corner joins in the “armpit” of the star aren’t exactly perfect.  I don’t have all white fabric in my stash so I used some very pale polkadot fabric that I got at a shop that shall remain nameless (seriously, the quality of fabric here varies wildly but it’s inexpensive).  This fabric was particularly thin but I think it provides a nice balance to the main fabrics.  Next time I might add a border so that my star points don’t get cut off when I bind it.

lonestart quiltFor the back, I used leftover pieces of fabric I used on the front.  The binding is also leftover scraps from the front as well.

lonestar quiltI seriously love this quilt!  I can’t wait to make another one!  I had already planned to make it for Project Linus and I couldn’t be happier to give this one away.  It even makes my crappy apartment building look sort of good :-)


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