another Lonestar quilt!

As soon as I finished my first lonestart quilt, I knew I had to make another one and I wanted it to be scrappy.  I veered from the original pattern and used 25 different strips of fabric.  I love how it came out!  I worked harder on my technique this time, especially with all the trimming of the eight star segments.  I think I still need to work on my strip sewing or ironing skills but I’ll get there eventually.

lonestar quilt
I chose happy colors, mostly from the fabrics that I’m using for another project.

I thought a circular quilting pattern would be a nice balance with the star and in theory, I love it.  I didn’t account for my sewing machine’s tiny throat and the nightmare of pushing and shoving the entire quilt through the throat as I made the circles.  It sort of worked out ok, but I am kind of curious how people make such perfect circles on their quilts when using a regular machine.  Or maybe they’re using a longarm?


The back is just larger scraps of some of the front fabrics. I just moved and my goal is to have less fabric by the next time I move (~6 months or so), which means I need to make more quilts and keep making quilt backs like this to use up those randomly sized scraps.


I love how the star came out and could easily make another few lonestars from the same pattern.  As for the quilting, I’m hoping it’s wonkiness won’t be as noticeable when it’s washed and gets crinkly.


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