tumbling blocks quilt

My first quilt finish of 2016!  To be fully truthful, I started the quilt around Christmas but I’m still counting it as a 2016 finish since I finished it last week.  I saw this tumbling blocks quilt pattern in a Purl Soho newsletter a few months ago and knew that I had to make a version of my own.  I was curious about the y-seams; I’ve always thought they’d be  difficult to make but the tutorial in the pattern explained them really well.  I must say that back-stitching in a quilt was a first for me, and this quilt has a lot of back-stitching!

tumbling blocks quilt

While I loved the look of the original pattern’s use of all the same fabric, I wanted to make the blocks more distinct so I made them 3D color blocks.  I’m super happy with how it came out, though my scrappy binding did not come out as planned.

tumbling blocks quilt

The quilting is one-hundred percent stitching in the ditch around all the seams.  It was a little laborious but I love how the back came out!

tumbling blocks quilt

Though it’s hard to see from the photos, the back is left over pieces of a light blue quilt and some other yellow scraps from the front.

Other than the binding, I love how this quilt came out and I’m psyched to have learned a new skill.  This one is for Project Linus.  I’m turning in 5 quilts to Project Linus this weekend :-)


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