flying geese

I feel like this is going to be year of trying new techniques. I’ve seen a lot of inspiring flying geese quilt but never attempted them. I think I know why I’ve held off – precision is key to beautiful flying geese and well, I am not a very precise sewist!

I used a bunch of scraps and figured out how to make four geese at a time. I didn’t trim the individual geese before sewing them together which may have been a problem. If you look closely, the some of the sets of four curve gently to one side. Ugh.

Despite the lilting issues, as I look at these pictures, I kind of like how the quilt came out – even more than I liked it while working on it or while staring at it on my living room floor. I was a little unsure about the colors as they’re kind of loud and don’t necessarily play nicely together. The quilt top ended up being a lot smaller than anticipated so I added a scrappy-ish border that sort of works.  It was interesting to play with these fabrics as there is a WIDE variation in quality and weight.  The nicer the fabric, the easier it is to work with (yes, it’s taken my 5 years to learn this lesson) – kind of a “duh” moment for me.

For the back, I used some of the remaining larger pieces of the fabric from the geese and some very colorful yardage.

It’s not my favorite quilt but I kind of like it and I learned a lot, though perhaps what I really learned is how imprecise I am as a sewist? I dropped off my sewing machine for a tune-up this week and when I get it back I am going to really try to indulge my imprecise-ness!

This quilt is for Project Linus :-)


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