Lizzy House Meadow Quilt

Lizzy House Meadow Quilt

In October, I took the Meadow Quilt class from Lizzy House.  It’s not a pattern that’s sold commercially – you can’t make it unless you take the class directly from Lizzy House.  Lizzy is a fabric designer and pattern maker.  I jumped at the chance to learn how to make this mysterious quilt and learn some new skills.  Boy did I learn A LOT!!  Scroll down beneath the pics of my awesome (seriously, right?  I love it!) quilt for more details on what I learned :-)

Lizzy House Meadow Quilt

Planning stage


Half way there – note all the puckering in the finished blocks


Top is done!




It’s a big quilt – covers the entire top of a queen size bed


Close-up of the petals


The color block on the left is IKEA fabric from a few years ago.


I love the way the longarm quilting came out.


On the longarm

-This was a really fun class. We met four nights for three hours each night. It was intense but I really loved sewing with my classmates.  I’d like to do more sewing with others.

-Lizzy teaches the class in a very thoughtful way. It’s not the typical “here’s the pattern – go for it!” type of class. We talked about color and fabric selection and she’s very hands on with the complex construction of the blocks. It was suggested that we bring 24-48 fat quarters or fat eights so we’d have enough variety in our petals. I think I brought 20ish and thus had some repeats. I was a little overwhelmed by all the fabric on the table when we all started testing fabric for the layout. I actually bought some new fabric for this quilt (amazing, right?) and then used a lot of what I had. I knew I was going to keep this quilt, so I just picked colors that made me happy and it all worked out. Lizzy helped with the layout so the colors of the petals “flowed”. I am super happy with the fabric colors and patterns I used!

-The construction of the blocks was not for the faint of heart and was quite time consuming. We did some magic involving freezer paper, glue, starch and a lot of ironing. I learned that I don’t iron correctly – not the old “press to one side! no, press open! argument, but I’ve always ironed from the back of the quilt and Lizzy did it from the front and I have to admit, it really cut down on some of the seam puckering.

-Sewing curves is no joke, as in, I just about cried when I got home and had to finish my blocks. It’s so clear to me now that quality and weight of your fabric matters, especially when sewing curves. I used something lightweight and it was a nightmare to work with and created a LOT of puckering in the center of the blocks. I even tried to trim the pieces before sewing them together but it didn’t really help.

-Because of the puckering, I longarm quilted it. The owner of the shop actually had to move the fabric around the needle as I quilted it so as to reduce the puckering. It was insane, but really, any other option would have resulted in a super hot mess and a very upset me. I used yellow thread and chose a fairly open quilting pattern and it totally worked out! I love it so much!!

-The yellow/green/brown fabric on the back is some fabric from IKEA I got a a long while ago (the selvage says the design is from 2007). I’m not sure why I bought it but I kind of love how it came out – so dramatic and bold.

-I moved in December and I don’t really have somewhere to photograph my quilts outside yet.  There’s no natural place to hang them.  I’ll have to figure something out – now that spring is here, the outside is starting to look so green and pretty and it’s going to be the perfect backdrop for quilt photos.

-Though this was a tough quilt to make, I’m really happy I took the class and persevered.  I love how it came out and I absolutely love seeing on my bed every night :-)


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