half-square triangle quilt

half-square triangle stripes

A secret fact about me is that I don’t like the color green.  I love green in nature but when those beautiful greens are transferred to clothing or fabric, it’s just “ugh.”  So when green fabric enters my home, I try to use it up as soon as I can.  I got some greens for Christmas that were a particularly icky shade of green that would only work well with blue.  So, I cut large half-square triangles and made them into a quilt that I don’t absolutely hate.  High praise, right?  :-)

I had to be super careful when sewing the pieces together so as to not mess up the colors of the stripes!
The back is just a bunch of left over green-ish scrap pieces I had. I was surprised I had so much! Now I have none, and I’m happy again :-)
half-square triangle quilt
The quilting is straight lines, shadowing the seams on the diagonal. I used my sewing foot as a guide and I like how it worked out. The quilt is small enough so it wasn’t super tedious to quilt.

This quilt is for Project Linus. There’s got to be a green-loving child who’s going to love this quilt!


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