X Plus Quilt

X Plus Quilt

Is it weird that I’ve starting picking quilt patterns based on the size and amount of scraps it will use?  Asking for a friend ;-)

Seriously, though, I have two scrap-intensive projects in the works, and oddly, I have run out of scraps.  I’m really good at using up what I have and then quickly using the leftovers so while those projects are at a standstill, I figured I might as well make another quilt which will produce a sizeable amount of scraps for my in-progress projects.  The good news is that the X Plus Quilt was super fun to make and, aside from all the cutting, came together really quickly.  The bad news is that while I used the dregs of some of my fabrics, there wasn’t a whole lot left over to use in my scrappy projects.  Not to worry – I’ve already started another quilt!

Each block has 19 individual pieces so there’s a lot of cutting. I tried to vary what I used between bright and dark fabric so there was movement when I put the pieces together.
X Plus Quilt

I think the colors are busy, but in general play well together. I like that the hot pinks stand out and that one orange “plus” stands out.
X Plus Quilt

X Plus Quilt

The back is larger leftover pieces of some of what I used on the front.
X Plus Quilt

I love how it came out – it’s so colorful and cheerful and busy. The blocks were a lot smaller than I thought they’d be – about 7.5″ so I wish that I had added a few more rows, but I think the size works for a baby quilt.


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