dapper square quilt

happy quilts

The concept of “quilting as therapy” really speaks to me.  When life gets chaotic, I turn to quilting and channel my problems into my fabric.  I’ve also started to notice that the more complex my worries get, the brighter the quilts I want to make.  I went through two decades of wearing exclusively black so I find it kind of funny that now I just want to make bright happy quilts with bright happy fabric :-)  I made this dapper square quilt partly because I wanted to work out a couple of issues in my head and partly because I am kind of embarrassed at how much fabric I seem to be collecting.  I love how it came out!  The pattern was really easy to follow and I just kept cutting fabric until I had the right amount for the blocks and then put them all together – I didn’t really plan the layout at all.


The pattern was really simple so I worked on my ironing skills and my piecing skills.  I think I need an ironing lesson – I feel like my seams are never even.

I’m not sure if the colors “go” together but it makes me unreasonably happy to see all these bright fabrics sitting next to each others.

The back is some yardage that I had originally intended to use to make a skirt but I gave up making clothes due to fit issues and decided I didn’t like the fabric all that much so I used it for the back and then used up some of the larger scraps that I had.  I am happy how the quilting came out!

This quilt is quite a bit larger than the quilts I’ve been making lately and I’m so glad I went back to the larger size.  It’s for Project Linus and I know they can use the larger quilts.
dapper square quilt


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