moda love quilt

Moda Quilt Love

I seem to always be a few steps (years) behind the latest Internet quilt craze.  Case in point: the Moda Quilt Love has been around for a few years but it was only this summer that I became obsessed with it and decided I had to make it.

The pattern is written for three different sizes – mini, average and extra-large (my names for the size options).  I had initially thought that I wanted to make a bunch of minis and sew them all together.  The joke was on me as I sewed all those tiny pieces together!  I know there’s a bit of a movement toward “smaller sewing” but I won’t be joining that bandwagon anytime soon as I lack the skills for the precision cutting that going small requires.  My mini sample is adorable but at ~10″, there was no way I was going to have the patience to make “a bunch”!

moda love quilt

I loved the pattern and loved using the red fabric so I decided to go extra-large and make a scrappy red one.  My cutting accuracy skills and counting skills were really challenged with this (don’t ask), despite only needing to cut 9.5″ and 10″ squares.

I know I say this all the time, but I love how it came out :-)

moda love quilt

moda love quilt

moda love quilt

The back is nothing exciting – an old white sheet of my mom’s.  I think you can just make out how I quilted it – double lines to mirror the horizontal and vertical seams and then more double lined around the center verticals.  I used up a ton of random leftover batting on this too.

moda love quilt

All in all, a fun (and fast!) quilt to make.  It’s for Project Linus :-)


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