spiderweb quilt

scrappy spiderweb quilt

I love the precision of paper piecing but I’m not a huge fan of the paper waste.  I’ve seen a bunch of very cool projects using paper piecing so I’m working on finding non-paper-waste work arounds (though I seem to have no problem with fabric waste – hmmm).  I’ve seen beautiful versions of a spiderweb quilt using paper piecing, but honestly, I’m not all that into precision and if I can make it scrappy, then all the better!

I used this tutorial and started making the blocks only to find out that I didn’t have enough scraps so I had to “make” more.  The white I used is practically see through and is very stretchy in this case, I didn’t really mind all the fabric waste.  I threw in a couple of yellow blocks for fun.  The blocks don’t match up perfectly, but I don’t mind – I LOVE how it came out!

spiderweb quilt

spiderweb quilt

spiderweb quilt

spiderweb quilt

For the back, I used up some larger panels that I had.  I did the same for the binding.

spiderweb quilt

This one is for Project Linus.

I had to take my machine in to the shop for a tune-up this weekend – cascading thread fluff from the top of the machine isn’t a good thing, right?  While I miss my baby, I’m already planning my next project :-)


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