churn dash quilt

churn dash quilt

I have to confess that I really don’t like the last quilt I made. There’s nothing really wrong with it, it’s just not “me”.  The colors don’t play the way I like fabric colors to play together which distracts from the pattern.  It was a fun experiment but once it was done I could not wait to start my next project.

Enter the churn dash quilt!  It’s a really traditional pattern and it was fund to use up a ton of fabrics that probably look boringly familiar to anyone who’s read more than a post of this blog. I like bright happy colors and I love how all the fabrics worked together.  The block is pretty simple but there’s a lot of pieces and a lot of trimming.  There are 80 blocks in this quilt and it was nice to work on a more “long term” project.
churn dash quilt

Amazingly, I managed to have 80 unique blocks.  A few are mirrors of each other but none are the same.  I know there are quilters that cut out their entire quilts before sewing.  I’m more of a start cutting and then do some sewing and see how much fabric the blocks use and the hope you don’t run out by the end. I really underestimated the amount of fabric I’d need for this quilt and ended up doing a few raids on my stash.  It all worked out – it usually does :-)

churn dash quilt

There are three scrappy-ish blocks that I absolutely love.  Can you spot two of them in the picture above?  I’m glad I didn’t make every block scrappy as I think that would have been too much.  There are just enough to make things a little interesting.

churn dash quilt

I had the perfect fabric for the back!

churn dash quilt

I absolutely love how this quilt turned out!  And I’m thrilled to be back in my “safe zone” of bright, happy quilts :-)


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