large courthouse steps quilt

a quick quilt – courthouse steps-ish

I’m going to file this quilt under “I had an idea for a quilt but then forgot what it was and by the time I remembered it, it was too late so I decided to just power through and get it done.”  Has this ever happened to you?  This quilt totally didn’t turn out the way I planned and once I realized what my plan was, it was too late so I just played a bit and it ended up as a large courthouse steps quilt.  It still kind of worked out and I enjoyed just playing a bit.

large courthouse steps quilt

large courthouse steps quilt

The back is a fun numbers fabric that, honestly, is just fine for a bright quit like this.

large courthouse steps quilt

I must confess that the biggest mistake I made with this quilt is the quilting.  I had used my zigzag stitch for something just before I started quilting and forgot to change it back.  Instead of picking out the stitches, I just went with it and used zigzag stitching for all of the quilting.  It kinds of adds a nice texture to the quilt and I may just have to make this same “mistake” again sometime :-)

large courthouse steps quilt

This quilt is for Project Linus.  I’ll do a better job of planning out my next quilt to avoid the same frustrations!


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