half-rectangle quilt

half-rectangle quilt

My mom and I are new members of the New England Quilt Museum.  Last month we went to check out a couple of exhibits and as we entered, we were asked “Are you here to see the quilts or the fabric sale?”  Fabric sale?!?  Apparently we picked the one Saturday they have each year to hold a gigantic fabric sale.  We checked out the exhibits and yes, went to the sale – it was for a good cause, after all :-)  The idea was to fill a bag for $X, with all the money going back to the museum.  This was one of the most exciting and overwhelming experiences I’ve ever had as a quilter!  So much fabric!  So many decisions to make!  I’m so picky!  And I didn’t really have any quilts on my to do list, so I couldn’t imagine what I’d do with all of the fabric!  We each ended up with ~7lbs of fabric and as a testament to how stressed it made me feel to have that much fabric in my home, I bored my bf to tears with taking about my anxiety over it all weekend.

So I did what any self-respecting quilter would do – I whipped together a quick quilt just to get some of that 7lbs of fabric out of my house!  It’s a half-rectangle quilt and due to the fabric that was available at the sale, is kind of a throwback to all those calico quilts the pioneer women made.

half-rectangle quilt

I swapped a couple of rows to make them upside down just to make the quilt a little more interesting.

half-rectangle quilt

half-rectangle quilt

Isn’t this backing wild?  It’s from IKEA and I just love it.  I love how traditional the front of the quilt it and how modern the back is.

half-rectangle quilt

If you look in the upper right corner of this picture, you can see a stack of fabric on top of a plastic bag.  The bag has all of my quilts that are ready to be turned into Project Linus; the stack of fabric is just *some* of what I got at the sale.  Eeep – time to make more quilts!


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