jelly roll quilt

I inherited a jelly roll quilt from my mom, who got it from a friend of hers who got it at an estate sale.  This friend has amazing luck at estate sales!  She once got a brand new in the box Bernina sewing machine for $5 and in her most recent stroke of luck, landed at an estate sale of a woman whose only hobby was quilting and whose house was full of quilt tops, fabric and other sewing supplies.

The jelly roll wasn’t really my thing, to be honest, mainly because the colors are so dark.  But I thought it would be fun to play with so I sewed all the strips together, cut them up and sewed them back together again.  Though I don’t love this quilt, it was kind of fun to work on.  The fabric reminds me of neckties which reminded me of a promise I made to my brother of making a quilt out of our grandfather’s old neckties.  Not exactly the inspiration I was expecting :-)

jelly roll quilt

I used every scrap of the jelly roll.  I ended up with a few orphans which fit perfectly into the corners with some bright yellow fabric I had.  Normally I’m kind of jazzed about having left over fabric scraps, but as I said, these colors aren’t really my thing, so I’m please to have made a “zero waste quilt”.

jelly roll quilt

I used an old sheet for the back.  This batting is a little different than the batting I’ve been using – it has a little less fluff – which made for really easy quilting (no puckering!).

jelly roll quilt

This quilt is for Project Linus.


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