scrappy string quilt

scrappy string quilt

After my last few projects, I realized I had an abundance of scraps.  Fortunately, I love to play with scraps!  I had this idea that I would make something along the lines of Charlie Brown’s t-shirt – a bit of a zigzag.  Instead of making it all scrappy, I had some blue fabric that I thought might work as the center to create the zigzag line.  Full disclose: the blue fabric was what was going to be a summer dress.  After two pattern alterations (one with the professional advice of my mom), the darn dress still didn’t fit so I gave it up and threw it in my stash.  It was very cathartic to cut up the remains of that dress and put it to use in this project!  I have to admit, this is one of my most favorite quilts that I’ve made so far.  Fortunately, I still have a ton of that blue fabric left over and I am always making more scraps!

scrappy string quilt

I purposefully made the blue strips uneven widths so as to add to the wonkiness scrappiness of the quilt. I think it works!

scrappy string quilt

scrappy string quilt

The back is some Marimekko yardage that I got for cheap at the Crate & Barrel Outlet.  It’s a bit heavier than quilting cotton so it was a dream to quilt – no puckers!  The quilting is very simple – I did a single line through all of the blue fabric and then another single line the opposite way.

scrappy string quilt

I love how this quilt came out and was so pleased with the process that I’ve lost a bit of my “sewing mojo”.  I’m slogging through my latest quilt . . .


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